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This series of lectures will be based on conversations with Kees van der Pijl and the aim is to provide a broad access for variety of audience to the fundamental concepts and basic issues regarding the so called 'world affairs', 'high politics', as well as economics. We would like to hold live conversations that would be accessible to the people who is intersted in politics, activist or not, and who would not normally have either time, or energy, or skills to access such systematized knowledge. The lectures will be organised via web based seminar system, to which any wishing audiance could join live, in order to listen and participate with their comments and questions. The sessions will be recorded and will be made available for later use.   

General forum on emancipation of labour, workers' struggle, and the role of education.

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Standing solidarity with scholar workers world wide!
by Örsan Şenalp - Sunday, 27 August 2017, 6:28 PM

Sign the Petition in solidarity with the Turkish Academics Facing Job Loss and Arrest launched by The Endangered Schoolars Worldwide based in The New School in New York.